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Brad Paisley concert tickets

– Don’t miss out on your chance to buy tickets for the latest Brad Paisley tour ‘Country Nation’. This chart topping artist is guaranteed to put on quite a show, and if you’re a fan of country music then this is definitely one concert you’re going to want to be part of. Get your tickets for one of the concert dates in the schedule now!

Concert tour dates

Please see below for a list of upcoming concert tour dates and venues.

Brad Paisley’s musical career

Brad Paisley is arguably one of the most preeminent country music artists to emerge at the turn of the 21st century. One of the main aspects that led to his success was his ability to blend the past and the contemporary, and paying tribute to some of the greatest country music artists that preceded him, and this unwittingly paid off. Born in 1972, his first album was called ‘Who Needs Pictures’ and was released in 1999. It sold more than a million copies and catapulted him to fame. Not surprisingly, even with his newfound status, he still found space for fellow songwriters and musicians such as George Jones and Little Jimmy Dickens in his videos.

Through his unique music style and ever expanding thematic range, he continued to mesmerise fans worldwide into the 2000s. In 2009, his new album, ‘American Saturday Night’ became a sensation, and was his fifth to gain the first spot on the Billboard Country charts. This success streak began with ‘Mud on the Tires’, which was released in 2003, and from there on, he had an additional thirteen number one singles such as ‘I’m Still a Guy’, ‘Letter to Me’, ‘Online’, ‘Ticks’, ‘She’s Everything’, ‘The World’, and ‘Mud on the Tires’, which showcased his sentimentality and wry humor, not to mention his skills as a guitarist. Going into his second decade in the career, he still kept the hits coming and in 2013, he released ‘Wheelhouse’ which was number two on the Billboard 200, at a time when he was transitioning into an elder statesman.

Going a bit into his childhood, he began playing guitar at the tender age of eight, after his grandfather handed him a Silvertone Danelectro. In two years, the young boy had given his first public performance at his local church, and it was around that time when Clarence “Hank” Goddard, a local guitarist started giving him guitar lessons. Soon, the student became pals with some of Clarence’ s friends and formed a group with them called ‘Paisley and the C-Notes’. It was during this time that he began writing songs, although I’m sure he never even imagined that one day ‘Brad Paisley’ would be going on tour! His first real break came when he received an invitation from his junior high school principal to play at the area’s Rotary Club.

It was here where Tom Miller, the director of WWVA, a popular radio station heard him and promptly invited him to play on his station’s Saturday night show dubbed Jamboree USA. His initial appearance gained him a lot of fans, and he soon became a regular, and opened for stars such as Ricky Skaggs, Roy Clark, and Little Jimmy Dickens. He continued with this job for almost a decade, then came the record deal with Arista Nashville, which helped him produce the song, ‘Who Needs Pictures’ and a forthcoming Brad Paisley tour. In a nutshell, he remains to be one of the most celebrated country music artists of his time.

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