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U2 concert tickets –

Finally, the U2 tour has officially been announced with U2 Tickets on sale for the band’s 2015 concert dates available now.  Don’t mis out on your chance to be part of the show when this iconic band come to your town, get your U2 tickets now to secure your place in the live audience for what promises to be a musical extravaganza.

U2 Concert dates

Please see below for a list of upcoming concert tour dates and venues.

U2’s musical career

Anticipation at a fever pitch. The crowd, rumbling like rolling thunder. A single note – a flash of light… For the thousands waiting with bated breath, like the launch at Cape Canaveral, the mood is electric, they know they’re about to bear witness to something truly special. U2 have been entertaining people across the world for years to critical and commercial success. Their anthemic melodies, soaring vocals and audio-visual arena spectacles have seen them take home more Grammy awards than anyone else, across the band’s lifespan, play sell-out crowds in some of the most prestigious venues across the globe and connect to people in a way that few bands have been able to. Placed at number 22 in Rolling Stone’s definitive Top 100 Bands of All Time and accepted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame within their first week of eligibility, being a part of a U2 live tour is at the very top of many people’s list of essential things to do before they die.

The key members of U2 have been playing together since as early as 1976, when the band formed in Dublin, Ireland. Taking cues from many of the punk-rock influences of the time; The Jam, The Clash, Buzzcocks, U2 consisted of Paul “Bono” Hewson, a dynamic and exciting frontman; David “The Edge” Evans, who would become one of the world’s most prolific and recognizable guitarists; Adam Clayton on bass and the band’s founder Larry Mullen Jr on drums. Winning a talent show on Saint Patrick’s Day, in the town of Limerick, the band were able to make a demo with the prize money and subsequently picked up by a record label. Early albums like Boy and War provided a vision of bigger things to come and showed Bono for the charismatic performer he was – the image of him waving a white flag during ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ is iconic. But with the release of The Joshua Tree, an album that came about from shared experiences on the U2 tour in the US, in March of 1987 they had announced they were here to stay.

With classics like ‘With or Without You,’ and ‘Beautiful Day,’ U2 were hitting right in the zeitgeist, with their socio-political commentaries, conscious lyrics and Bono’s widely documented philanthropic nature. They are immortalized as one of only a handful of bands, including The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Beatles to be featured on the cover of TIME magazine, not only as influential musicians, but as creative, original, individuals. Like any rock band, they’re not without their share of controversy – but what trail ever gets blazed without a spark? After constantly reinventing themselves over their careers, U2 can easily be dubbed one of the hardest and most successful bands of all time – you don’t want to miss out on the latest u2 tour, that’s for sure!

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